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Whether you are a first-time buyer or someone who has owned a property for decades, your home will most likely be your most valuable asset. As such, it is a good idea to seek professional advice to ensure it is appropriately protected.

If you are taking out a mortgage on a freehold property, your lender will insist that you have buildings cover to protect the financial interest they have in the property. Building insurance should not be limited to those with a mortgage, as it is important to have regardless as it ensures that you have the funds to rebuild or reinstate your home if the worst happens, for example if it is badly damaged or destroyed in a fire.

A large percentage of homes are underinsured as a result of not receiving specialist advice. No one size fits all and this is where SPF and its team of expert insurance brokers can guide you on appropriate buildings cover for your individual needs. We have broad industry knowledge and can provide advice for all types of property, whether you are insuring your main residence, buy-to-let or a second home.

We can also advise on specialist situations for unoccupied homes or properties undergoing renovation. A broker is most definitely the best equipped to advise and explain the course of action for these circumstances. You’ll want to know you are in safe hands and this is exactly what SPF can do.

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Whatever your enquiry, we will endeavour to be of assistance to you. Please feel free to call us or complete our enquiry form below.


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