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Listed properties require careful consideration due to their historical and architectural importance. A computerised approach is not the right approach when insuring a listed property and using a knowledgeable broker is the sensible option. If the worst happens, you will be required by law to reinstate the property matching the original specification regardless of the associated cost implications. As a result of this, the industry does share a hesitancy to offer full cover to a listed home.

SPF understands these considerations when insuring a historic building. Asking the insurer to conduct an appraisal at the home could be the best way to identify how the property should be insured. Furthermore, this would usually unlock further benefits to guarantee the reinstatement of the property and protect against significant fluctuations of inflation. This is crucial as the costs associated with reinstating listed properties are significantly higher than your modern home.

Products accessed through SPF are designed to cater towards listed properties and our brokers have access to key underwriting experts who hold broad knowledge and experience in these property types.

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