Identifying a solution which works for all parties involved


With many property transactions in the UK being affected by some form of defect in title, the use of legal indemnity insurance is fast becoming the ‘norm’ in conveyancing practice. As lending institutions become more accepting of insurance and the development market has to look at more complicated sites as the availability of land diminishes, the market for legal indemnities is growing considerably. It can however be tricky to navigate the market and access suitable and competitive cover, without the assistance of an insurance broker such as SPF.

Using the strong relationships that SPF has with legal indemnity insurance providers and the wealth of experience and knowledge that our advisers possess, we are ideally placed to be able to identify the most suitable markets for your particular requirements saving you both time and money whilst providing peace of mind that an issue has been covered succinctly.

Whilst we acknowledge that many straightforward indemnity enquiries can be satisfied with an ‘off the shelf’ insurance product, SPF offers an invaluable service when matters become more complicated and standard policy wordings or requirements are simply not fit for purpose. Our advisers are best placed to negotiate terms on your behalf, working with insurers to identify a solution which works for all parties involved, and often devising new policy structures and strategies to make the insurance as accessible as possible.

We offer a full advice and recommendation service, with no fee payable (unless the enquiry falls below our £50.00 minimum premium threshold) making the use of our expertise cost effective for you (and/or your clients).

EXPERT Advisers

We can assist with all forms of legal indemnity enquiry for continued use property and also assist in ‘derisking’ development sites, with our expertise extending to include (but not limited to):

  • Defective title
  • Leasehold defects
  • Rights of light
  • Environmental risks
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Whatever your enquiry, we will endeavour to be of assistance to you. Please feel free to call us or complete our enquiry form below.


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