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Motor insurance is a legal requirement, but most clients who drive something a little more special generally ask for wider coverage to boot. That’s why SPF can arrange a specialist motor insurance package designed specifically for owners ranging between high-performance super cars to vintage classics.

Furthermore, these types of cars can appreciate in value quite considerably over time. If a typical off-the-shelf product is selected, the insurer will likely settle a claim on a ‘market value’ basis and this could leave you thousands of pounds out of pocket if not done correctly.

For clients with several vehicles to insure, a fleet policy could be more accommodating and would allow for several family or staff members to drive various vehicles with less restrictions to that of a standard policy. SPF’s brokers can organise your insurance leaving you the freedom to enjoy your cars. We might be able to also add your vehicle(s) to your existing home insurance policy, meeting all of your insurance needs in one policy, making it easier and convenient to manage.

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