Educational Videos

Welcome to our library of educational videos. For further information on any of these topics or to discuss them in further depth with an adviser, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Six steps to remortgaging

Understanding the cost of your mortgage

When is the right time to

What is the difference between interest only and repayment mortgages?

Key things to consider when you remortgage

What type of mortgage deal should I consider?

How does the mortgage term impact the cost?

Affordability – What does your lender look for?

What are mortgage

What are early repayment

What is LTV and why
does it matter?

How long should I lock in a mortgage deal for?

Benefits of switching with a mortgage adviser

Things to consider if you are self employed

Things to be aware of when making overpayments

What are the benefits of making overpayments?

Tips to help you save money on your mortgage

Increase your chances of getting a better remortgage deal

Should I remortgage with my existing or new lender?