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Can you put a value on your personal possessions? Most of us would struggle to do so, which is why so many people are woefully underinsured. It’s unfortunate that this is only discovered at the point you make a claim.

Here at SPF, our brokers take the time to listen and truly understand your circumstances ensuring no stone is left unturned. Using this detail and understanding what is important to you, we will source a suitable policy which caters for your needs.

Many people find it difficult to place a value on their earthly possessions and this is often an area that is left unvisited which can leave you feeling out of pocket when they come to a claim. Underinsurance can be a problem, particularly with fluctuations in the price of precious metals / gems or if a family heirloom has been passed down through generations. SPF has therefore nurtured relationships with reputable industry contacts who can provide valuations on your collections to give you the added peace of mind of knowing their values cannot be in dispute.

We work very closely with the underwriters to explain your key needs and to ensure the policy they are putting forward is suitable, with no unrealistic time frames and requirements that can’t be met. We have a common sense approach and the same goes for the insurers we deal with, creating harmony between all parties.

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Whatever your enquiry, we will endeavour to be of assistance to you. Please feel free to call us or complete our enquiry form below.


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