Lucinda Johnson

Lucinda Johnson

Mortgage Associate at SPF Private Clients

At SPF we are renowned for our ability in arranging large mortgages. This recently completed case is a perfect example of the kind of mortgages we arrange and how we work with lenders to create bespoke products for our clients.

Our client was initially proceeding with another brokerage. Towards the end of the remortgage journey however, he was introduced to Lucinda Johnson, mortgage adviser at SPF.

Lucy was able to use our contacts at Family Building Society to create a bespoke product for our client based on his profile, which was far more competitive than what he had been offered by the other brokerage.

Our client was looking to remortgage to a new lender who could offer him the flexibility to pay off his mortgage from the sale of a property owned in France (not yet sold) while not incurring any early repayment charges.

Family Building Society was happy to consider a fully repaid mortgage within the term period, from the sale of the property in France. They were also happy for additional funds to be raised to cover works carried out on the property.

The lender not only created a bespoke product for our client, Lucy was able to help speed up the application to offer and completion. This was crucial as our client was on a standard variable rate and time was of the essence.


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