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    It is not easy to get a high-value mortgage if you approach a lender direct. More often than not, high-street banks are uncomfortable with anything that sits outside of criteria, from complex income streams through to multi-million pound mortgages. It can also be very time consuming having to trawl the market in the hope of finding the right solution for your client. Having access to the key decision makers can make such a difference when it comes to finding a mortgage - it often plays a key role in whether a client can or cannot purchase their dream home.

    Whatever the complexity of your client's situation may be, we will be able to help you. We understand the market inside out and have developed excellent lender relationships. We will know which lender to approach and which product best suits your client's needs. We will even manage their mortgage application from start to finish. If your clients are too busy to meet us, we will go to them whether at their home, their work place or even in your office.

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    Since launching in 1997, we have worked hard to build relationships with a variety of introducers, from solicitors and accountants to banks and developers. However, we are always keen to add to their number so if you would like to become one of our introducers, please contact James Rodea on 020 7330 8517. 




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